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Walkihg towards a century of presence and the reins( held) by the third generation, Leros-Taxi Chistos-Dionisia Mercedes Club Exclusive Services ensure the most ideal conditions of transportation.

The transport of Passangers, are made by the new generation of air-conditioning Limousines of Mercedes Benz E-Class. With our many years of experience and respect toward our Customers, we provide high level of services trying (Continuously) to be part of one distinctive position in your Conscience.

We have worked very hard and uninterrupted trying to provide the most of our capablility and with the passage of time we created our own clientele: Individuals, Professionals, Travel agents, Companies and Oganizations are the most significant categories of our clientele, with whom we created bridges of trust, vaLue and discretion.

(The) many years of experience in The Field of transportation since 1945 is our surety for a secure and immediate transport. Having two taxis and one team of experieced drivers in your disrosal we can offer you: 24 hours, 7 days a week our services with respect, Service, punctuality and safety.

Finally remember that we ensure privacy and confidentiality of all of our customers.


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